How to Improve Your Brain's Performance and Abilities | MINDSET

How to Improve Your Brain's Performance and Abilities | MINDSET




According to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, to keep brains healthy at any age, you must: 

  • - Maintain a healthy weight
  • - Eat a healthy diet
  • - Exercise regularly
  • - Manage blood pressure
  • - Regulate blood sugar levels
  • - Control your cholesterol
  • - Quit smoking

Why Is It Important to Keep the Brain Healthy?

Our brain has neuroplasticity, which is its ability to change, whether positively or negatively, at any age. It plays a significant role in the development or decline of our brains.
Learning a new skill however, can create new pathways in the brain, further improving its abilities. Unfortunately, aging weakens the brain’s ability to create new pathways – the more reason you should practice these tips.

In addition to following these guidelines, Aussie Supps provides five tips to improve your mind and reach optimal brain health for the year ahead.


1. Study a Musical Instrument

study music

If you were exposed to music at a young age, lucky for you. Studying a musical instrument helps protect the brain from early deterioration in old age. It may also delay age-related cognitive decline.

2. Practice Brain Exercises


Brain training improves memory and cognitive performance. It enables you to keep your memories longer. We recommend two cognitive exercises to boost your memory.
First, there’s loci training. It involved reading a list of words, or a set of pictures, that you have to remember after a few minutes or seconds of glance. After which, you have to recall and mention what words and which images you remembered.
Another brain exercise is studying a new language. It enhances the brain’s capacity to code information and its elasticity or flexibility, which is the ability of the brain to adapt to what’s happening around it.


3. Eat a Mediterranean Diet

olive oil

The Mediterranean is the home to sea, sun, and more importantly, a cuisine that is known to have brain-boosting properties. The Mediterranean diet is: 

  • > Rich in olive oil, seeds, nuts, beans, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits
  • > But is moderate in the amounts of wine, fish, and dairy, and
  • > Limited in red meat, poultry, and processed foods

Research has shown that people who eat a Mediterranean diet retain more brain volume than those who do not. They also have improved brain function, especially in older adults, and slower rate of cognitive decline.

4.  Be Physically Active

be active 
Finally, be physically active – regularly. All forms of physical activity benefits brain health, whatever age you are. Even a brisk walk can improve brain performance before an exam or job interview.

  • > Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, increases brain volume, which improves cognitive function and supports short-term memory.
  • > Short bouts of physical activity on the other hand, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), improve high-interference memory, which allows you to differentiate between objects.
  • > Even one-time 10-minute burst of exercises, boost areas of the brain temporarily. Gentle forms of exercise, such as yoga, also improve the brain’s thinking abilities.

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