How to Keep Moving in a Sedentary Workplace | Health

How to Keep Moving in a Sedentary Workplace | Health


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Prolonged sitting has been widely known as an activity that is linked with numerous medical conditions and diseases – a topic that we’ve discussed in our post here. Majority of people the world over are required to sit for extended periods of time mainly because of work. Unfortunately, it can have vast negative effects on your health.
Incorporating physical activity into your work day can reduce the health risks linked to prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. We at Aussie Supps understand and know that finding opportunities to be active can be a challenge.
Here are three tips that you can do to be physically active in your workplace: 

1. Stand up or Walk

Standing up or walking may be simple, but doing it at work every now and then can reduce the health risks linked with sitting for too long. According to a study, standing up for an accumulated time of 60 minutes per work day can burn up to 87 additional calories, which is significant in fighting or preventing obesity.
recent study also revealed that workers who used a standing desk for an accumulated time of 6 hours per day experienced weight loss over time!
Here’s a guide from the British Journal of Sports that can help you incorporate standing up and walking into your work: 

  • - Distribute 2-4 hours of standing, walking, or any light activity within an 8-hour work period.
  • - Use standing workstations in addition to your desk.
  • - However, avoid prolonged standing because it’s effects is similar to prolonged sitting.
  • - Whenever you stand for a few minutes, make sure to change your posture every few seconds to prevent fatigue and musculoskeletal pain.


2. Move More

A few simple changes can add movement into your working day. Here’s what you can do:

  • - Set a desktop alarm to remind you when you should take a quick activity break.
  • - Stand up when writing emails or to answer the phone.
  • - Reorganize and move tools you regularly use into a place where you have to stand and reach out.
  • - Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • - Park your car away from the entrance of your workplace.
  • - Instead of sending electronic messages to your co-workers, walk to their workstations.
  • - Depending where you work or how far your work is from your home, cycle or walk to walk instead of commuting or driving.


3. Change Your Work Environment

If you work in the administration department of your company, you can influence your boss to incorporate physical activities into your co-workers’ workday and provide more options for movement. Here are perfect examples: 

  • - Provide stretch classes before work starts in the morning
  • - Allow yoga breaks in the afternoon
  • - Organize running groups during lunchtime
  • - Create a walking track outside the office building
  • - Provide a small gym at work
  • - Provide fitness and nutrition classes

Start Moving

Remember, it’s important to move even for just 10 minutes every hour at work. You can adopt this to start your movement or physical activities at work.
For more tips about fitness and nutrition, visit the Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub in the Aussie Supps store. We have our very own nutritionist who can help you better understand how fitness and nutrition affects your health.
Stay healthy!
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