Part 1: 10 Fitness and Diet Myths That Could Be Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals | Health

Part 1: 10 Fitness and Diet Myths That Could Be Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals | Health


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According to the World Health Organization, 39% of adults aged 18 years and above, from all parts of the world, are overweight. That’s 1.9 billion adults! Of this number, 13%, or 650 million, are obese.

Here in Australia, the number of overweight and obese adults has reached 11.2 million (70.8% male, 56.3% female), according to the National Health Survey. This has increased to more than 60% since 1995.
Unfortunately, according to Roy Morgan Research, one of Australia’s leading market research companies, a whopping 72% of women here are not keen on any weight loss efforts or strategies.
While the research has not provided any reasons as to why, we at Aussie Supps can only assume that many fitness and dieting myths are preventing the ladies from achieving a healthier weight.
If you’re trying to lose weight, but still not making progress, these fitness and diet myths may be stopping you. Know more about them and how you can stop them from stopping you!


Myth #1: Adopting All Fitness Routines and Diet Regimes

Not all bodies are the same. In a similar way, a fitness routine and diet regime that works for someone may not work for you. While your friend has found a particular fitness routine and diet regime effective, your body may respond to it differently.
You will have to go through heaps of trial and error to find the best weight management solution for you. Once you find the “right one” however, it’s best to focus on how it makes you feel better with yourself instead of aiming for just numbers.
Remember, when choosing the “right one”, the best result often translates to something that makes you feel great!


Myth #2: Expecting Results Overnight

The world of weight loss, fat loss, and weight management, results don’t happen overnight. The problem with believing this idea is that once you expect to lose weight quickly, but it doesn’t happen, you begin to become disappointed.
We all know where disappointment leads – discouragement and abandonment. When you become disappointed and frustrated with your fitness and diet efforts, you’ll end up abandoning it altogether.
When you do that, you lose track of your efforts and then you’re back to zero again. Always, set realistic goals – this time, realistic timeline for your weight loss efforts.
We have to warn you though. Progress takes time.


Myth #3: Working Hard is the Only Solution

We all agree that working hard can help you achieve your goals. It can deliver amazing results!
However, it’s not the only solution.
Ask your trainer and/or nutritionist how you can best reach your goals. They can help you apply different strategies that will help you achieve your body transformation.


Myth #4: Limiting Calories is the Key to Losing Weight

We’ve mentioned it before in one of our previous posts. Eating less can actually harm your diet.
In case you missed that post however, here’s a summary. Limiting your food intake can turn your body’s weight gain mode on. How?
If you starve yourself, your body will do everything to feed itself to survive. It will store fat, so instead of losing weight, you’re actually gaining more.
The only solution is to monitor your calorie intake. Your nutritionist can help you calculate your calorie needs based on several factors including your activity level, age, gender, etc.


Myth #5: Staying Away from Carbs

Yes, it’s just right to stay away from carbs – but only the unhealthy ones. Your body actually needs carbs for energy. It’s the primary source of fuel of the human body.
If you don’t eat enough carbs, you won’t have the energy to finish your workout routine. Remember, carbs can’t make you fat, only excess calories can do that.
You can source healthy, complex carbs from fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts seeds, beans, and whole grains. Avoid refined carbs such as white pasta, white rice, sweets, and processed snacks.
Before we move further down the list, rest your eyes a bit – more of the fitness and diet myths in part 2 of this article. Stay tuned and stay healthy!



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