Top Tips To Help Increase Your Energy | Health

Top Tips To Help Increase Your Energy | Health



As a nutritionist, something I hear all too often is ‘I am just so tired!’ If your struggling to get out of bed in the morning, or you hit that 3pm slump, or your struggling to keep up with your training, then there is a number of things that I recommend to give you an added boost.


Are you eating enough?

Many people don’t realise it, but under eating can actually deplete your nutrients, so that after a period of time, your body simply cannot perform and will start to feel fatigued. Imagine not putting enough fuel in your car, but expecting it to drive from here to Sydney and back. It just wouldn’t happen!

This is also going to cause you to gain weight, too. The age old “eat less exercise more” myth is not true!

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Are you eating too much of the wrong foods?

Fuelling your body with processed and refined foods is like fuelling your car with watered down fuel. You won’t get in much needed nutrients to give you energy.

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Are you getting enough protein?

If you're training at the gym, then you need to make sure you're eating enough protein for your muscles to repair and grow. At a minimum, you should be getting 0.8gram per kilo body weight, and the more muscle you have the more you require. A protein powder straight after training will help that repair process and give approximately 25g of protein per 30g serve.

Check out our collection of protein powders that you can choose from.

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Are your blood sugar levels stable?

When we eat carbohydrates, they get broken down in our body and released into the blood stream as glucose molecules, our body then tells the pancreas to produce a hormone called ‘insulin’ that lets the glucose into the cell to produce energy. If our blood sugar levels spike and fall, we will start to feel fatigued, hungry, and cranky and possibly even crave lollies and chocolate to give us a pick-me-up. 

To stabilise our blood sugar levels it's best to eat small regular meals with an adequate amount of carbohydrates as well as protein to keep them nice and regular.

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B Vitamins and Magnesium

B Vitamins, magnesium, and co-enzyme Q10 are essential in the Krebs Cycle to create ATP (energy) from carbohydrates. If you are not getting enough of these, then ATP won’t be produced in a rate your body requires.

Foods high in B vitamins include brown rice, chicken, vegetables and spirulina. You can also get vitamin B supplements to give you an added boost.

However, make sure to discuss this and your needs with a qualified nutritionist first. In fact, according to the Better Health Channel, some vitamins can be toxic to the body if they are taken incorrectly.



L-Carnitine is an amazing amino acid that promotes fat oxidation within the mitochondria of the cell to produce ATP (energy). It is also great for promoting fat loss and improving memory and concentration! This is a personal favourite of mine!

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To learn more about increasing your energy and how it affects your health, fitness, and training, visit the Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub. We have our in-house nutritionist to take care of your health and diet needs.
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Stay healthy! 


By Sian Skinner-Smith 

Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub Head Nutritionist 

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