The Link Between Nutrition and Mental Health | Mindset

The Link Between Nutrition and Mental Health | Mindset




Nutritionists have long recognised the link between nutritional deficiencies and poor mental health. Psychiatrists however, are only starting to understand this link.
According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, nutritional psychiatry is an emerging discipline. There is still much to learn about.
Why is it important anyway?
Because psychiatrists are now becoming increasingly aware of the link between nutrition and mental health, there has been discovery of an impending mental health disaster.
According to a report by the Huffington Post, the increasing global population will make it hard for the food industry to feed everybody. This will lead to poor nutrition and eventually, poor mental health.
No wonder, we’ve been seeing an increase in mental health disorders, whether from AustraliaAmerica, and even in the UK. Even though there is a wide variety of foods, many are still undernourished and many still don’t get enough brain health boosting nutrients.
The Mental Health Foundation in the UK has strongly stated that good nutrition is vital for your mental health and there is many research articles that show the same.
Many mental health problems today are caused inflammation on the brain, which can unfortunately lead to death of brain cells. The lack of nutrients prompts this inflammatory response, which can often start in the gut.
Food supplements have been proven to be helpful in keeping the brain healthy and thus, keeping you psychologically and emotionally healthy as well. This includes

  • > vitamin B
  • > vitamin D3
  • > omega 3
  • > magnesium, and
  • > zinc

Harvard Medical School  has also recommended taking probiotic supplements, which according to the school's research, improves mental outlook, stress perception, and anxiety levels.
Moreover, these food supplements help improve your mood, relieve depression, and even increase mental capacity of people suffering from Alzheimer’s.
The Alternative Solution
The effectiveness of antidepressants has been widely debated over in the past and until today. Food supplements have been seen as a healthier and safer alternative approach for all age groups with varying mental health conditions.
What’s great about supplements is that they are widely available – in pharmacies, chemists, and online health stores, such as ours. Check out our supplement collections to find the best for your needs or chat to our nutritionist to chat about our practitioner only range of vitamins.
We also have a qualified nutritionist on board to help you understand more about your health.


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