Can You Lose Weight with Carb Cycling? | NUTRITION

Can You Lose Weight with Carb Cycling? | NUTRITION




Carb cycling doesn’t have one standard protocol. It typically involves alternating high-carb days with low-carb days. On low-crab days, fat intake increases, while it decreases on higher-carb days. Protein intake on the other hand, remains consistent. Carb cycling advocates usually recommend:

- On cardio workout days, consume a moderate amount of carbs (about 100 grams), fat, and protein.
- On strength training days, eat a higher amount of carbs (about 200 grams), a low amount of fat, and a moderate amount of protein.
- On rest days, consume fewer carbs (just 30 grams), a high amount of fat, and a moderate amount of protein.
- Or, keep both fat and protein intake fairly consistent, modifying only carbohydrates. This means that low-carb days are also low-calorie days.

The Benefits of Carb Cycling
Carb cycling helps improve fitness performance, decrease body fat, and increase muscle mass. However, according to a study, carb cycling can cause side effects including headaches, constipation, light-headedness, bad breath, and food fixation, which all often leads to binging on forbidden foods. The good thing is, there is a more sustainable approach.
Carbs serve as fuel to help cells in your body to perform their jobs. In carb cycling, limiting carbs when the body doesn't need them is key. Just think about it. If you eat large amount of carbs on days when you’re less physically active, what happens to the extra fuel that you have in your body? It creates a surplus, and it is this surplus that prevents weight loss, or what we’ve dreading – weight gain.
So the solution is, if you can’t practice carb cycling, but you think it’s best for you, you can resort to limiting your carb intake during days when you don’t have many activities or you don’t have a workout scheduled.
On the other hand, regardless of which approach you try, here are some reminders:

1. Always prioritize the quality of food you eat. Choose fresh, whole foods.

2. Listen to your body! It’ll give you clues when it needs more or fewer carbs.


And remember, not all carbs are created equal.


sweet potato fries
Sweet potato fries anyone?

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