Good Food and Bad Food - is there really any difference? | NUTRITION

Good Food and Bad Food - is there really any difference? | NUTRITION





When I ask people how their diet is, most people respond with ‘oh good I cut out refined sugars’ or ‘I don’t eat rice or potato or really any carbs’. My response to that is usually “well you will be adding those back in”.

We have a wide range of foods, and the truth is that you do not need to cut foods or food groups out!

Our body doesn’t say “hang on this is a BAD food so I better store that as fat”. It will break it down into nutrients and use it as best it can!

All we have to do is get the macro and micronutrient levels right FOR YOU.

Cutting out foods instantly causes a guilt associated with eating ‘bad foods’ which then causes a very negative ongoing cycle.

Let us show you how to eat for health, and your goals, without cutting out the foods you enjoy... because we only get one life, so let’s enjoy it and stop restricting ourselves.

Get Help from a Qualified Nutritionist


Personalized diet plans are available everywhere. You can even download one from the Internet! However, it's best to get your own plan from a registered dietitian, doctor, or qualified nutritionist. The problem with many diet plans readily available is that they come from “diet coaches” and "experts" with no real health or nutrition qualifications. As with any major lifestyle or diet change, you should consult a qualified individual before starting a weight-loss program or drastically changing your diet.


At Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub, we have an in-house qualified nutritionist that can provide you with a healthy diet plan that's personalized to your body and goals. We use the principle of calories for all our meal plans, with some clients tracking, but most clients using simple serving sizes instead! Meaning you get to pick and choose foods you like and enjoy, but without having to track it all every day!


Remember, if your goal is to lose weight, your health matters more than a number on a scale. It's always important to maintain a holistic approach to weight loss. It should also include physical activity, stress management, quality sleep, and other important factors, such as hormones and medical issues.


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