How to Make Meal Prep Easier | NUTRITION

How to Make Meal Prep Easier | NUTRITION




Many people find it a lot easier to stick to a healthy diet if they have food prepared. But, who wants to spend all day Sunday cooking?

Yesterday, you've learned about the importance of make time to prepare your meals. Today, you'll learn how! Here are my 5 top tips to meal prep that makes it so much quicker to prepare. Now, this is something straight out from the laziest nutritionist you will ever come across! Wink


1) Take 2 hours once a week

I generally have always been able to finish a full prep in 2 hours or less - for me, this is easier than spending 30-60 minutes every day. By doing this, you could save up to 5 hours in food prep timing.

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2) Keep it simple!

I do almost all my meals in one pot/pan. This saves time cooking, but most of all saves time washing up, too. (Washing up is my least favourite part of meal prep – I hate dishes!)

I cook up a batch of meals in the slow cooker. It’s so great you just chuck stuff in and leave it. While that’s cooking, I have a stir fry going where I chuck everything together in the wok. And then, I often use a roasting dish to throw some chicken and veggies in the oven to roast. This gives me a variety of 3 different dishes for the week.

While my food for the following week cooks, I clean the house or finish up some work. Most often though, I scroll through social media. Tongue out


3) Use microwave rice/ quinoa


If you are anything like me, I have never been able to cook rice properly. I always grab the microwave bags, and this often encourages me to get more variety as I pick the mixes of different ancient grains, or have quinoa, rice, and a mix of grains, too. I would never be bothered to cook up this much variety myself. 90 seconds in the microwave and bam, done!


4) Use a variety of fresh AND frozen vegetables

Chopping veggies is what usually takes most of my time; so I often buy bags of frozen mixed vegetables. My favourite are the stir-fry mixes as they contain so much variety. Again, I usually wouldn’t be bothered to chop up 5-7 different vegetables for each meal, so this way I can get a majority of my variety by buying frozen instead.

It’s been said before that frozen veggies often contain more nutrients than fresh. I use veggies like spinach, bok choy, and cabbage fresh as they only take a minute to chop up.

The same goes with fruit. I will use frozen berries and mango, but fresh banana and melon.

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5) Utilised pre portioned food

Often times, pre-portioned food can be a bit more expensive. However, time is the more important thing you cannot buy with money. So I will often buy pre-portioned boxes of nuts, tins of tuna, little cups of rice, even frozen steamed bags of vegetables.

Proportioned food

All of these can save you time in the kitchen, but help you have more time during the week and ensure you are able to maintain your healthy diet more consistently!



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Stay healthy!

By Sian Skinner-Smith  
Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub Head Nutritionist   

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