Why You Should Eat Regular Meals | Nutrition

Why You Should Eat Regular Meals | Nutrition


Eating regular meals is really important to stabilise regular blood sugar levels. If, like many, you have a carbohydrate loaded breakfast, then skip morning tea straight to lunch, skip afternoon tea then have dinner, then wander around the cupboard and fridge in the evening looking for something sweet, or if you are one of those who skips meals altogether and has coffee after coffee instead, it's likely your blood sugar levels are dropping!

Low blood sugar levels, also known as hypoglycaemia, can cause us to feel angry (or hangry! - hungry and angry both at the same time), cranky, lethargic and unmotivated. Let alone cause us to have headaches. In extreme cases, hypoglycaemia can be life threatening (This is usually in diabetics).
So with this in mind, it is SUPER important to have small regular meals, containing an adequate amount of protein and slowly absorbing (or complex) carbohydrates (such as sweet potato, oats, brown rice, green vegetables, beans and lentils). These types of carbohydrates also contain fibre, which is essential for digestion and making us feel full, and are often packed with vitamins and minerals.
These carbohydrates release slowly into your blood stream to produce energy, fuelling you for the day AND for any exercise you will be doing!

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By Sian Skinner-Smith 
Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub Head Nutritionist          



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