Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea | NUTRITION

Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea | NUTRITION




The Journal of Nutrition published a study in 2002 revealing the antioxidant properties of tea – whether black or green. Here are other health benefits of tea you could be missing:

1. Tea can actually be hydrating to the body. It has caffeine, which is a diuretic, but it hydrates the body like water in equivalent amounts.
    1. 2. Tea helps fight DNA-damaging free radicals because of its high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC).
    1. 3. Tea helps to protect your heart against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.
    1. 4. Tea can also be your protection against different types of cancers.
    1. 5. Tea can boost muscle endurance during exercise because of its catechins (antioxidants).
    1. 6. Tea can work as an invisible sunscreen, protecting your body from harmful ultraviolet rays.
    1. 7. Tea can promote a healthy weight. It can lower your waist circumference and BMI.
    1. 8. Tea can lessen the risk of lung cancer.
    1. 9. Tea can help the body better process sugars, which is good news for diabetics.

    I’ll have to remind you, though. All teas are different. They don’t work the same for everybody. Variety, processing, packing, and even how it was brewed have different effects on each and everyone. To be on the safe side, make sure that your tea is the real thing: from the Camellia sinensis plant, which includes only four varieties: green, black, white, and oolong. 

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