Where to Find Healthy Snacks and Meals When Traveling | NUTRITION

Where to Find Healthy Snacks and Meals When Traveling | NUTRITION

aussiesupps-roadtripTraveling is often synonymous to food adventuring and overindulging. It’s when we all want to try local foods or options that we come across along the way. Often however, local dishes and street foods are not healthy.
If you plan ahead, you’ll find it much, much easier to say no to tempting and unhealthy foods you will encounter when traveling. Here are a few simple ideas to stay energized and prevent hunger pangs or cravings when you’re traveling.

Look for a Grocery Store or Local Market
Find a grocery store or a local market using your phone’s GPS instead of stopping to eat at a service area or gas station. Many groceries have a prepared food section and/or a salad bar where you can buy healthy choices like veggie sides, bean salad, grilled salmon, and more. Local markets meanwhile, often sell produce and many other whole foods, which are way healthier than a bag of chips. Plus you can buy more healthy snacks you can bring along for your journey.

Consider All the Options at the Airport
If your trip is in the morning, ask if you can get oatmeal from a coffee shop. If it’s lunch or dinner time, at a restaurant, stick with sides and appetizers instead of a heavy meal. A barbeque restaurant or place can also be a good choice if they offer sides like coleslaw, baked beans, or cooked green beans. A breakfast all-day restaurant is also a good option. You can order some veggie-and-avocado omelet with a side of fresh fruit.
There are many options at the airport, but they are often fast-food and cafés that sell sweet frappes and pastries. Consider looking at all the other options for a place where you can buy a customized smoothie, sushi, or salad with ingredients of your choice. Many airport shops also offer nutritious snacks on-the-go like olives, hummus, hard-boiled eggs, and Greek yogurt.


Pack healthy snacks to eat on the go

Fill some ziplock bags with snacks to nibble on throughout your road trip or flight. Raw veggies like red bell pepper, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and carrots are great go-tos. Other great options include pumpkin seeds, nuts, or individually-sized pouches of sunflower seed butter or almond butter. Whole grain crackers, roasted chickpeas, energy balls, protein bars, or popcorn also work well.

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Conclusion - Before You Go

If you’re traveling as a group and your travel mates want to eat somewhere where there are no healthy options, it’s best to speak up. You don’t have to be limited by what others want to eat. Besides, making a second stop at a grocery store or local market isn’t time-consuming.
Don’t let it turn into a food fight if your travel buddies don’t agree with you. Simply, but calmly explain that it’s important for you to have more energy for the rest of your journey, otherwise you won’t get to enjoy the trip. Prioritizing self-care is perfectly okay. Yes, even if you feel like you're the only person in your group who doesn't feel like overeating. 

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