Why Cinnamon is Good for You | Nutrition

Why Cinnamon is Good for You | Nutrition




According to a 2017 study, the popular spice, cinnamon, boosts metabolism in mouse and human fat cells. Researchers discovered that regular consumption of cinnamon, or adding it to your meals or drinks, increased the activity of proteins, enzymes, and several genes known to enhance fat metabolism. This triggers human cells to start thermogenesis, or the process of burning calories in the human body.


This is actually not the first time a study like this has been conducted to learn more about the positive effects of cinnamon to us humans. There have been hundreds before, which if you look at it, further convinces us that cinnamon is good for our health.


You can use cinnamon in your dessert or sprinkle it on your drinks! You can also check out some of our products that have cinnamon

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