Why we always bang on about water intake! | by Belinda Paton

Why we always bang on about water intake! | by Belinda Paton

Water, water, water!!! What’s the BIG deal?
We are made up of 65% water. So just over half of us on a physical level is water. But where does it go, what does it do? Well, it has 4 main large functions within in our body that is detrimental to our existence.

1. Cell Life

We are comprised of billions of cells. Water is imperative for these cells to function, which is hard to imagine because we can’t see them at an individual level, only at a tissue level. For example is our skin. It is one massive tissue put together to create a barrier of our internal organs to keep them safe. For our skin cells to function properly we need water. Maybe you’ve noticed a difference in your skin once you’ve drank a fair bit of water vs when you haven’t.

2. Chemical and Metabolic Reactions

A bit like individual cells this is the stuff you don’t see happening in the body. Let's call it behind the scenes bodily functions. What happens is that we don’t see it and probably take it for granted half the time. Along with a good diet, water intake is crucial to ensure our body’s reactions are occurring at their most optimal so we don’t suffer any digestive problems or hormonal issues.



3. Transports Nutrients and Removes Waste

Because we eat such delicious food on a daily basis, it's important to ensure water intake is happening to help us get all the goodness from the food into the body. Not only that, but water is the PERFECT detox for the skin, liver and bowels! All these ‘liver detox’s’ actually make our liver work overtime and puts more strain on our star of an organ when all we need to do is drink more water: simple, cheap and effective.

4. Body Temperature Regulation

The reason we are ALWAYS told when we are sick ‘rest-up and drink PLENTY of water’ is because water has a dire effect on regulating our temperature. If you think about it as an example, when we burn ourselves while cooking, we immediately put the burn under water! This is essentially having the same effect upon the outside of our skin to cool it down after being burnt as it is if we are sick, or exercising, but internally.

The conversation of ‘ice cold water to drink is bad for you’ isn’t ENTIRELY true. However, on a day to day basis, room temperature water is less work for the body to utilise. If your doing a massive training session or doing a triathlon and need to bring your body temperature back down, then ice cold water in this situation is best.

So that's why we bang on about water so much. Just like it is to ensure your eating the right amount of food daily as it is equally important to ensure your water intake is there to not only benefit that food intake and help it move through to body but to also ensure your helping your body run at it’s most optimal - and it's cheap because we can drink water straight from our tap, lucky us! :)

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