How to Provide Nutrition to Struggling Post-Surgery WLS Patients

How to Provide Nutrition to Struggling Post-Surgery WLS Patients



Weight loss surgery (WLS) is effective in dealing with obesity and improving ones overall health. Because of benefits, it’s becoming increasing popular. However, many WLS patients face nutritional deficiencies and challenges after surgery.
During their recovery period, WLS patients experience reaching certain dietary protein goals, along with other common nutritional deficiencies, due to the limited amount of nutrients that can physically be consumed during this period.
If you have recently had this surgery, or looking into it, or know someone who is recovering from a recent WLS, we’d like to share with you several nutritional and supplemental strategies to help in the recovery process.

Struggle #1: WLS patients may suffer emotional setbacks post- surgery
Sadly, and it’s the truth, it’s common for patients to have regrets or become anxious and depressed after an ellective surgery. This is where Ashwagandha in ADRENAL SWITCH™ lends a hand. The ashwagandha is an herb that has the most potent natural anti-anxiolytic availability. It will also help to improve recovery, energy and sleep post surgery.

Struggle #2: WLS patients may become deficient in magnesium and zinc
Patients often complain of loss of hair and libido after surgery. Both zinc and magnesium play an important role in these body functions. ADRENAL SWITCH™ provides sufficient levels of these two critical minerals in a tasty, convenient, and highly absorbable form.

Struggle #3: WLS patients may experience lower energy and stamina
WLS patients can also become lethargic. Schisandra in AMINO SWITCH™ to the rescue! Schisandra is a Traditional Chineses Medicine (TCM) berry. It is an energising adaptogen that boosts liver function particularly detoxification and metabolism of fatty acid. It also lowers cortisol, which is becomes elevated after surgery and because of calorie restriction.
Schisandra also helps in the following:
support blood flow
improve energy
enhance stamina

Struggle #4: WLS patients may become deficient in B-Vitamins
Naturally, without supplementation, it is almost certain that patients will become deficient in B-Vitamins. AMINO SWITCH™ has added sufficient levels of B-vitamins to remedy this deficiency.

Struggle #5: WLS patients struggle to get enough protein
Did you know, traditional protein shakes are too filling and difficult to digest?
The good thing is, there is zero digestion required for AMINO SWITCH™! What’s more, it uses Perfect Human Ratio (PHR), which maximises absorption (99% bioavailable). A single serve is equivalent to 30g of WPI or 70 -80g of Chicken, Fish or Meat! This is a big reason why patients are turning to AMINO SWITCH™.
BCAA’s alone won’t cut it here. WLS patients need a complete Essential Amino Acid Supplement that will help not harm!

Struggle #6: WLS patients struggle to drink enough water
For WLS patients, it is common to consume insuffient water, which is unhealthy and can be potentially dangerous. AMINO SWITCH™ and its added electrolytes and tasty flavours can encourage patients to drink water. It balances hydration with NO nasty artificial sweeteners or colours.
Conclusion - What You Can Do
Don’t know how to add AMINO SWITCH™ to your diet? Seek the help of a professional nutritionist who can help you better understand the proper intake of supplements. At Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub, we have an in-house qualified nutritionist that can provide you with a healthy diet plan that's personalized to your body and goals, plus what correct supplements to add to your diet.
We use the principle of calories for all our meal plans, with some clients tracking, but most clients using simple serving sizes instead! Meaning you get to pick and choose foods you like and enjoy, but without having to track it all every day!
Remember, if your goal is to lose weight, your health matters more than a number on a scale. It's always important to maintain a holistic approach to weight loss. It should also include physical activity, stress management, quality sleep, and other important factors, such as hormones and medical issues.
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