What is Glutamine? | SUPPLEMENTS

What is Glutamine? | SUPPLEMENTS



Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis. During intense training however, levels of glutamine in your body are significantly depleted. This decreases stamina, strength, and recovery. It could take up to 6 days for glutamine levels to return to normal.

Glutamine supplementation can improve protein metabolism and minimize breakdown of muscle. Find out everything you need to know about glutamine and how it can help you!


What is Glutamine?

Did you know? Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the bloodstream and muscle tissue of the human body. BCAAs, which we have previously discussed, only makes up 8.4% of the free intracellular amino acid pool, whereas glutamine makes up 61% of it.

Glutamine can be readily synthesized by various tissues such as the skeletal muscles, liver, and adipose tissue. It is therefore, classified as a nonessential amino acid. Its unique structure, composed of two nitrogen side chains consisting of 19% nitrogen, makes it the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cells.


What Does Glutamine Do to the Body?

  • Glutamine plays key roles in cell volumizing and protein metabolism 

  • Glutamine also plays a key role in anti-catabolism, which prevents the breakdown of muscles. This is useful when you're trying to get rid of some body fat without losing any muscle. 

  • The small intestines requires the most glutamine in the body 

  • Glutamine levels deplete during workouts, making bodybuilders more susceptible to illnesses. The immune system needs glutamine to prevent you from getting sick. 

  • Glutamine is needed throughout your body for optimal performance. 


What are the Benefits of Glutamine?

Researchers suggest that glutamine is the most important amino acid if you’re lifting weights. It provides a component in muscle metabolism and cellular support not shared by any other single amino acid. Here's a list of the benefits of glutamine:

  • Glutamine can boost your immune system.
  • Glutamine is the most important component of muscle protein, and helping repair and build muscle.
  • Glutamine is an important nutrient for your gut health.
  • Glutamine prevents your muscle from being eaten up (catabolised) in order to provide glutamine for other cells in the body.
  • Glutamine helps restore glycogen which restores energy.


How Much Should You Take?

The ideal dosage is 10 to 15 grams of L-Glutamine per day. Best times to take it is in the morning, after a workout, and at night before bed time.


Conclusion – You Can Also Try It!

Not only is Glutamine important for bodybuilders to help prevent metabolism, it's also important for regular people with all the benefits it provides, and no side effects.

However, it’s a bit tricky to just follow your guts when taking supplements. Your best bet is to seek the help of a professional nutritionist who can help you better understand the proper intake of supplements.

At Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub, we have an in-house qualified nutritionist that can provide you with a healthy diet plan that's personalized to your body and goals, including the supplements you need.

We use the principle of calories for all our meal plans, with some clients tracking, but most clients using simple serving sizes instead! Meaning you get to pick and choose foods you like and enjoy, but without having to track it all every day!

Remember, if your goal is to lose weight, your health matters more than a number on a scale. It's always important to maintain a holistic approach to weight loss. It should also include physical activity, stress management, quality sleep, and other important factors, such as hormones and medical issues.

For bookings and more info, check out our Contact Us page, chat with us on Facebook, or email us at info@aussiesuppsnutritionhub.com.



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