Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub Client Georgia Craddock - Health & Fitness Journey

Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub Client Georgia Craddock - Health & Fitness Journey

What made you decide to become a Gold Pack Client at Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub?

I was struggling a little bit with my nutrition and eating in a routine which was effecting my health & I wanted to see someone who would understand me and help me through my journey & give me the support I need.



Tell us a little about your health journey so far?

When I was 12 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at the time I didn't really understand the chronic condition or what was in store for me. Little did I know I was about to be pushed to the brink mentally and physically. When I turned 14 I was diagnosed with CRPS which is a nerve dysfunction disease. I woke up one Sunday morning not being able to walk, my left leg had gone purple, swollen and tingly. For months I went to endless doctors to find the problem and once it was discovered I spent 6 months teaching myself how to walk again while missing out on the last half of year 10 not being able to go to school. Around 16 when I started partying, I started to care less about my diabetes and more about just being normal. This took a turn for the worse when I kept ending up in hospital from not treating my blood sugar levels and not taking insulin. At 18 I was diagnosed with severe Anxiety & Depression and Endometriosis. Put all that together, it was a struggle to stay on top of everything. I developed an eating disorder within all that and found myself not eating for weeks and then I would look in the mirror and break and spend days binging and hating myself even more. In May 2018 I dropped 9kgs and dropped down to 39kg at 20 years old. I couldn't do it anymore without help – I decided to start seeing Sian to start getting some help and support on my relationship with food and training. It was then my life turned around and she gave me the support of what felt like a friend and not just another nutritionist. Since May 2018 I certainly have had my struggles and lows but I have changed my outlook so much, mentally I feel so strong, my physical strength has gone through the roof & I have not binged since Nov 2018 and I can look in the mirror and be proud of my achievements. Here's to the next 12 months of even more transformations and WOW moments. 


What does your future look like for you?

Happiness within my self. Achieving the things I want to achieve and not doubting myself when it comes to chasing results and my dreams. I am slowly working on that it is not always the physical results you need to work towards but the mental ones that count as well.
“Recovery isn't about getting back to the person you were before, its about becoming a person you can be proud of.”


Do you use supplements? If so which ones and why?

Yes. I absolutely love the International Protein Amino Recovery, I drink it during my workouts and during the day as well. The passionfruit flavour is my absolute favourite flavour and I could drink it all day long!

I use Adrenal Switch at night which helps with a better quality sleep at night and helps me to relieve stress when I hop into bed and put my head on the pillow!



How can everyone find you and follow your journey? 

I have started an Instagram account that follows my health and fitness journey -

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