How to Use Walking as a Weight Loss Strategy | TRAINING

How to Use Walking as a Weight Loss Strategy | TRAINING



In the previous part of this series, we discussed amazing health benefits of walking and what you can do to achieve those benefits. Today, we’ll move on to the action plan on how you can use walking as a weight loss strategy.

Action Plan for Walking
Step 1: Commit at least an hour of walking per week.
Step 2: Ideally, break it up into small manageable chunks. To make this step easier, think of times during the day when you have a free time to take a walk. It could be 2-3 times broken down into 10-15 minutes each.
Step 3: Do it. No excuses. Many find it best to walk first thing in the morning, but any time will work.
Eventually, you’ll likely find that it’s relatively easy to commit 10 extra minutes per day to walk. You will soon look forward to your daily walks and in the long run, you might even walk longer than 10-15 minutes per day.
How to Make Walking for Weight Loss More Interesting
Any form of exercise that feels forced will eventually be put off. You want it to be a joy, not a chore. Here’s a quick list of ways to make your walking more enjoyable:
Take an alternate route
Walk with friends
Take your dogs out
Walk in nature
Listen to an audiobook
Listen to your favorite music/podcast
More Tips for Walking as a Weight Loss Strategy 

  1. 1. Remember: going for a walk should be enjoyable. Walking doesn’t have to feel like an intense workout. Not all exercises are meant to be intense anyway. 
  1. 2. Wear good shoes. Better yet, wear the right kind of shoes. Don’t take your feet for granted. Don’t wait for an injury to happen before you finally get the right shoes. 
  1. 3. Use tools to “measure” your walks. Your smartphone can help you achieve your goals. Download apps that can count your steps or get a pedometer to do the same. 
  1. 4. Walk instead of driving. If you can safely walk to where you’re going, then walk. 
  1. 5. Don’t forget: start small. You don’t have to start logging tonnes of steps at the beginning. Start with a number of steps that’s manageable to you and eventually work your way up in the following weeks until you find your regular routine.

 Conclusion – Reach Out to Us
Now, wasn’t that easy?!
This concludes our Walking for Weight Loss series. For more tips about health, fitness, and nutrition, visit the Aussie Supps Nutrition Hub in-store. We have our in-house, qualified nutritionist to take care of your health and diet needs. For bookings and more info, check out our Contact Us page, chat with us on Facebook, or email us at


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