How to Incorporate Cardio-Style Training Into Your Weight Training | by Amanda Martin

How to Incorporate Cardio-Style Training Into Your Weight Training | by Amanda Martin

Think cardio is the only form of exercise for weight loss? If your anything like me, you and cardio are not best friends. But there are ways you can incorporate Cardio style training into your weight training. By reducing your rest periods in the weights room, you can keep your heart rate up and intensity high. A few ways I like to incorporate this is by using Super Sets, Giants Sets or Drop Sets.

Super Sets

This is where you can super set two exercises at once with no rest period between them. For example, you can perform a Wide Grip Lat Pull for X amount of repetitions, and then without any rest period in between, perform X amount of repetitions of Bicep Curls. For exercise selection, you can choose to either work the same body part or opposing muscle groups.

Giant Sets

This is a circuit of four or more exercises completed like the super sets where you will complete four or move exercises one after the other with little to no rest in between each set. Giant sets increase the intensity of a workout by overloading a muscle group and pushing it to its limit to burn fat and boost the cardio-respiratory response.

Drop Sets

Drop Sets are usually performed on the last set of an exercise as a type of ‘burnout’, where you will complete as many repetitions as you can with your working weight until failure, and then drop down to the next weight, complete as many repetitions as possible, drop down to the next weight again and so on until you cannot lift the weight anymore.
So next time you’re in the gym, and want to keep your intensity levels up, try one of the above exercise variations!

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