Stretching - Why is it important? | Training

Stretching - Why is it important? | Training

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Anyone else guilty of not stretching after working out? There are many reasons why stretching is so important. For one, it reduces muscle fatigue and reduces muscle tension, and makes your body feel more relaxed.  Muscle soreness is one of the reasons why many people skip exercising. When you stretch, the likelihood is much higher that you will proceed with your next workout and prevent future injury.

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It also promotes good blood circulation in your muscles. When you stretch, you increase the level of blood supply to the stretched muscles and other parts of the body, promoting more efficient circulation. Stretching can also reduce the effects of lactic acid. When you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. This is what causes those aches and pains after working out. Stretching while you are warm continues that circulation and may help reduce that soreness you get afterwards.

SO, next time you work out, remember to STRETCH!


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