The 4-minute Miracle Ab Workout | Training

The 4-minute Miracle Ab Workout | Training


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Tabata is a timed interval method that alternates between 20 second intervals performed at maximum effort and 10 second stages of rest, resulting in the ultimate exhaustive four-minute workout. Try this killer Tabata ab workout for abs of steel!


Hanging Leg Raises

hanging leg raises

You do hanging leg raises for 20 seconds - non stop! Hanging leg raises is one of the best ab workouts you can do. It affects the entire ab region. Plus, you'll get additional grip, arm, and shoulder workout just by simply hanging from the bar.

And then, have a 10-second rest.


Kneeling Cable Machine Crunch

cable crunch start  cable crunch finish


You do 20 seconds of cable crunch. Again, non stop. This exercise works out your rectus abdominis, or the six-pack. It also strengthens said muscle group to improve your sports performance, especially in sports that requires jumping.

And then, get 10 seconds of rest.


Decline Oblique Crunch

oblique crunch

Perform an oblique decline crunch for 20 seconds, non-stop. This exercise is one of the best exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, it is most effective at focusing directly on the muscles on the sides of your midsection, which are better known as the love handles. Technically, this pair of muscles is known as the obliques, thus the name of this exercise.

And then, have a 10-second rest.


Scissor Kicks

scissor kicks

Finally, perform 20 seconds, non stop, of scissor kicks. This exercise works out your obliques, the six-pack, and the deepest muscles in your abs: the hip flexors (muscles that flexes your hip joints) and the transverse abdominis (layered below your internal oblique muscles).

And then, rest for 10 seconds before repeating all the other workout.


Complete the entire workout by repeating 2 rounds in total, which will accumulate into 4 minutes.


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Stay healthy!




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