What is The Tabata Method? | Training

What is The Tabata Method? | Training


Earlier today I posted a Tabata Abdominal workout, so I thought it would be a great time to explain what Tabata actually is!


Tabata Training Defined

You've probably heard countless workout styles over the years, or if you’re new to this, you will soon learn that yeah, there are so many workouts to choose from! All of them are meant to help you reach your fitness goals.

One of the many training styles you can do is the Tabata training. It’s a training method that involves alternating exercises between 20-second intervals performed at maximum effort and 10-second stages of rest. For an entire 4 minutes, you repeat all the exercises included in your workout routine, often and generally, 8 more times. This creates an ultimate, exhaustive, 4-minute training that could probably be the longest 4 minutes of your life! Well, at least for beginners. ;)

Tabata workouts are often included in many fat-burning high-intensity workouts. Because of the timed-interval and high-intensity method it provides, it is a form of a HIIT training, or High-Intensity Interval Training. But how did it start? Who developed it? Where was it first used?

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A Background Check

The name Tabata actually comes from the training’s developer, Dr. Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., all the way from Japan. Dr. Tabata developed the training method at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo in 1996.

A sports and exercise scientist, Dr. Tabata originally developed his method for Japan’s Olympic speed skating team. Today, it’s widely used all over the world.

By definition, the Tabata method requires only one type of exercise. However, you can combine different ones as long as they are high-intensity, strength, and aerobic exercises. The general idea is to combine a greater intensity or work load of exercises in order to hit a greater range of muscle groups. Because of this, the Tabata method works out a larger range of muscles than a traditional cardio session in a shorter amount of time.


Take Advantage of It

If you're short on time, you want to improve your endurance and speed, or you need to switch up your routine, Tabata is a great method to get a quick workout. You can use Tabata to increase your strength, lose weight, improve flexibility or even build muscle. However, most exercise programs can actually help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they are, as long as you stick to your plan.

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