Carni Strip by International Protein

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L-carnitine is found in different forms in different parts of the body.  Carni Strip provides L-carnitine in the forms that it is found in all parts of the body – muscle, heart and brain.  It also contains more stable forms of carnitine that L-carnitine, so it doesn’t ‘melt’ and smell like fish after a few days. The additional ingredients in Carni Strip support the energy production processes, glucose utilisation and support nerve function for correct muscle contractions.



  • Boosts Energy
  • Improve Muscle contraction
  • Increase fat burning
  • 100% safe for use in all WADA/ASADA athletes
  • Increase Mental Focus and energy
  • Helps target visceral fat
  • Added B Vitamins

Who Should Take Carni Strip?

If your diet is on point, and your training is great, adding this to your stack will help increase calorie burn. This product is perfect for anyone who does not use caffeinated products but wanting to increase focus and energy levels throughout the day and during your training sessions. 



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