100% WPI 3kg by JD Nutraceuticals


100% WPI tub, Whey Protein Isolate by JD Nutraceuticals is one of the purest WPI’s on the market. This pure protein source is ideal for gym goers who want to build lean muscle and increase their protein intake. This product is made at the highest quality with no fillers and contains up to 7g of BCAAs per serving. This is why our WPI is essential for pre and post workout as your body burns through the BCAAs for energy during training and improves your muscles oxidation. It is virtually carbohydrate, fat and sodium free and is absorbed quickly by your body. It is an ideal protein product for muscle recovery, strength and lean muscle growth.



  • Muscle recovery
  • Perfect post training formula
  • Low sugar, low carbs and fats
  • Low calories
  • Amazing flavours
  • Instant mixing

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