Beast 2-Shredded by Beast Sports Nutrition

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Beast 2 Shredded | Melts Body Fat, Maximizes Energy And Controls Appetite!

45 Serves

2 Shredded is formulated for maximum reduction of body fat with a corresponding increase in energy levels. The 2 Shredded formula contains the most advanced ingredients currently available to ignite thermogenesis, optimize thyroid function, prevent excess water retention and control the cravings that are typical with calorie restricted diets.

Since the the FDA began restrictions on ephedra, there has been a void of effective fat-burning supplements. Most companies have come out with products that will give you a stimulatory effect, but lack the ability to burn body fat. Others just don't deliver the punch we need to keep us going all day. 2 Shredded doesn't just burn body fat, it OBLITERATES it. 2 Shredded contains a proprietary combination of ingredients that will heat you up, shred you up and keep your energy levels jacked all day long.

At the core of the 2 Shredded formula lies the PCA stack. Many of you may be familiar with the ECA stack that took the supplement world by storm not too long ago. That stack consisted of Ephedra, Caffeine, and Aspirin. The PCA stack contains the Caffeine and Aspirin components but introduces Phyllemblin in place of ephedra. Phyllemblin is a powerful extract that like ephedra, acts as an adrenaline potentiator. 2 Shredded then takes thermogenic fat burning to a new level by combining the PCA Stack with cAMP, Synephrine, Norsynephrine, Evodiamine and other cutting-edge compounds that will literally melt body fat before your eyes.

The importance of optimum thyroid function can never be understated especially when trying to get lean. 2 Shredded combines the thyroid potentiators Iodotyrosine and 3,5-Diiodo-L-Tyrosine to kick the thyroid into high gear allowing for maximum thermogenesis. 2 Shredded also prevents the retention of excess water and curbs cravings for those on restricted diets.

The 2 Shredded formula contains the most advanced ingredients for:

  • Maximum reduction of body fat
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Optimum thyroid function
  • Prevention of excess water retention
  • Control of food cravings

2Shredded is the most powerful Hardcore Thermogenic in the Industry. Get 2 Shredded Today!

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