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Estrodrine, by the cutting edge Aussie manufacturer – Growth Labs Australia, is an advanced hormone modulator. Its primary function is to reduce high estrogen levels in men and women whilst restoring a natural hormone balance. When estrogen becomes too high we see many issues arise including; lethargy, lack of sex drive, inability to repair and recover, weight gain, holding subcutaneous water, acne… the list goes on.

Estrodrine – The Elevated Estrogen Issue

Now more than ever estrogen levels in the population are increasing. Our modern lifestyles are driving these changes. factors include; Poor Diet, Sedentary Lifestyle, Pollutants, Certain cosmetics and Prescription Meds as well as Underlying health conditions. This makes hitting our health and fitness goals all the more difficult. After all, estrogen is the hormone that at high levels says “store fat and increase catabolism”

One important note is that although we have found elevated estrogen to be the main issue, because estrodrine is a hormone modulator, it will bring your levels back into a healthy range regardless of if they are high or low.

Estrodrine as a PCT

Whenever you take in any external substances which cause an increase in hormones significantly beyond the normal or homeostatic levels your body is accustomed to, your body will generally respond by reducing that hormone, and increasing internal production of another in an effort to re-establish the ‘normal’, levels to which it’s accustomed.

This is especially true with the elevation of Testosterone. The result is that for a temporary period of time, your body’s production of estrogen will sky rocket and testosterone will actually dip BELOW normal levels. This happens when the use of the external substance is discontinued – in our case, this would be after any test boosting or enhanced cycle is completed. Because the body’s internal production of estrogen is elevated and testosterone is below normal due to the body cutting back on production in an effort to normalise levels AND because you’re no longer adding more externally…your overall hormonal levels are thus temporarily the polar opposite to where you want them.

Post-Cycle Therapy, or PCT, is a term used to describe the supplement regimen used by individuals after completing a cycle of a test booster or enhanced substance for the purpose of QUICKLY restoring the body’s natural production of hormones. PCT is also one of the most important (yet overlooked with surprising frequency) aspects of a complete, successful cycle.

Why? Because without PCT, during this “low” period, you can lose a decent amount of the gains you made, not to mention your sex drive, natural energy and ability to repair or recover from your workouts.

Estrodrine has been specifically designed to be able to act as a PCT for both natural and enhanced athletes. Although it is plant based and totally natural it is also incredibly powerful and effective.

Advanced Modulation Complex

Calcium D-Glucarate

Lowers estrogen, removes cancer-causing agents, and steroid hormones from the body.


Hormone balancing agent can act as both an estrogen agonist & antagonist depending on the situation.

Brassica Oleracea Extract

Aromatase Inhibitor, inhibits the production of estradiol by interfering with the aromatase enzyme.

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

Estrogen Blocker, acts like estrogen in the body, but actually blocks estrogenic effects.

Red Clover Extract

Hormone Restoration agent, Promotes restoration of natural testosterone levels.

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