AlphaSRM by Muscle Sport

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Muscle Sport AlphaSRM 2-IN-1 BODY RECOMP TOOL

  • Builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously*
  • 4 research validated testosterone enhancers*
  • 5 effective thermogenic compounds*
  • Increases metabolic rate*
  • Inhibits aromatase*
  • Nitrosigine® for muscle-engorging pumps*

Building or retaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat has been described as a near impossible task. This “body recompositioning” often requires a calorie deficit or surplus that may deprive your body of key muscle building nutrients while also minimizing your body’s ability to lose fat. Why sabotage all your hard work when MuscleSport AlphaSRM provides the muscle building and fat loss solution in one powerful formula.

AlphaSRM’s synergistic combination of natural testosterone enhancing agents, proven fat loss ingredients, and aromatase inhibitors work together to promote an anabolic environment, kick your metabolism into overdrive, and help keep estrogen and cortisol levels in check. Take a closer look at AlphaSRM’s fully transparent label and you will find full, clinical doses of: 

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