Strapped Hardcore Pre Workout by XL Labs

by XL Labs
Save $30.00

XL Labs Strapped Hardcore

When it comes to high stimulant pre workouts, XL Labs Strapped Hardcore has you covered. With an ingredient list that will get any stim head excited they have left nothing on the table when it comes to a fully dosed formula.

XL Labs Strapped Hardcore will bring the BANG back to pre workouts!! Did you love the “original” formulas back in the old days?
Well then STRAPPED is for you!, The simplest was to explain Strapped Hardcore is the good old days.
None of this double scooping business. Just scoop it and smash it!



  • Enhance training and focus
  • Enhanced endurance and performance
  • Extended period of high energy levels
  • Very mellow come down with very little tiredness afterwards, great for early trainers.
  • More alert and mind muscle connection for excellent workout results

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