Super Mass XXX 2kg by Transcend Supplements

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Transcend Supplements Super Mass XXX is a extreme weight and muscle gaining formula. Transcend Supplements XXX protein formula includes Micellar Casein for slow protein absorption and Whey Protein Concentrate with high levels of bioactive compounds. Transcend Supplements XXX has a optimal ratio of Essential Amino Acids and Carbohydrates including Medium Chain Glucose Polymers. Transcend Supplements Super XXX is suitable for individuals with a fast metabolism, hard gainers or people requiring large amounts of calories. Transcend Supplements Super XXX has low levels of sodium and sugars and is free of artificial colours.

  • Over 900 Calories

  • 40g of Protein

  • Amino Acids

  • Low Sodium

  • Double Protein Sources

  • 4 Great Flavours

  • Filler Free

  • Artificial Colour Free 

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