V.I.Pre Trinity by XCD Nutrition

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V.I.Pre Trinity or Very Intense Pre-Workout

If you were to rate how hard you pushed yourself in your last gym session on  scale of 1 to 10 where would it be? (1 being  you fell asleep on the bench press and 10 you got kicked out for bending bars)

Now if you were to rate the past 30 gym sessions and average out the score where would that average be?

A 6 maybe? Possibly a 7?

What if for that same period you were using a scoop of TRINITY every workout?

That would raise the average by 1 to 2 points over the 30 sessions!

So the real question is how much more muscle would you have built if you were training at  9 instead of a 7?



  • Increased energy and focus
  • Enhanced muscle pumps
  • Training intensity
  • Strength and endurance
  • ZERO Crash
  • Amazing flavours

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